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The “Brains on Board” project team consists of:


James Marshall (Principal Investigator)
James Marshall (Principal Investigator)Professor of Theoretical and Computational Biology
University of Sheffield
Mikko Juusola
Mikko JuusolaProfessor of Systems Neuroscience
University of Sheffield
Lars Chittka
Lars ChittkaProfessor of Behavioural and Sensory Ecology
Queen Mary University of London
Thomas Nowotny
Thomas NowotnyProfessor of Informatics
University of Sussex
Andrew Philippides
Andrew PhilippidesProfessor of Biorobotics
University of Sussex
Paul Graham
Paul GrahamReader in Evolution, Behaviour and Environment
University of Sussex
Eleni Vasilaki
Eleni VasilakiProfessor of Computational Neuroscience & Neural Engineering
University of Sheffield


Dr. Alex Cope
Dr. Alex CopeResearch Fellow
University of Sheffield
Dr. Jouni Takalo
Dr. Jouni TakaloResearch Associate
University of Sheffield
Dr. Joe Woodgate
Dr. Joe WoodgateResearch Associate
Queen Mary University of London
Dr. Alex Dewar
Dr. Alex DewarResearch Fellow
University of Sussex
Dr. Jamie Knight
Dr. Jamie KnightResearch Fellow
University of Sussex
Dr. James Bennett
Dr. James BennettResearch Fellow
University of Sussex

Research Students

Fadl IsaPhD Student
University of Sheffield
Mark KellyPhD Student
University of Sheffield
Joni KemppainenPhD Student
University of Sheffield
Ben ScalesPhD Student
University of Sheffield
Fabian SteinbeckPhD Student
University of Sheffield

Project Manager

Lucy Moffatt
Lucy MoffattResearch & Innovation Manager
University of Sheffield

Technical Support

Neville Dearden
Neville DeardenBeekeeper
University of Sheffield
Michael PortTechnician
Sheffield Robotics

Former Members

Dr. Chelsea Sabo
Dr. Chelsea SaboResearch Fellow
University of Sheffield

Enquiries are always welcome from potential PhD candidates with excellent track records, and should be directed to Professor James Marshall in the first instance.

Advisory Board:

The BoB project reports formally on an annual basis to its Advisory Board:

Barbara Webb (Chair), Professor of Biorobotics, University of Edinburgh
Alan Winfield, Professor of Robot Ethics, Bristol Robotics Laboratory
Mirko Kovac, Senior Lecturer in Aeronautics, Imperial College London
Chrisantha Fernando, Research Scientist, Google DeepMind
James McClung, Business Development Manager, NIVIDIA
Jerome Bouvard, Education Program Manager, Parrot Drones SAS
Robert Deaves, System Architect/Engineer, Dyson
Nelly Wung, Portfolio Manager, EPSRC

Industry and Academic Partners:

The BoB project is supported by a number of industrial and academic collaborators:

Dr. Andrew Barron
Dr. Andrew BarronBiological Science Department
Macquarie University
Professor Andrew Straw
Professor Andrew StrawInstitut für Biologie II
Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg