What if we could design an autonomous flying robot with the navigational and learning abilities of a honeybee?

Such a computationally and energy-efficient autonomous robot would represent a step-change in robotics technology and is precisely what the ‘Brains on Board’ project aims to achieve

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Want to meet our aerial #autonomy platform codename Green Hornet, and Hopper, our robot dog powered by Opteran Natural Intelligence? We have limited tickets for our event at the Science Museum on Dec 7th, 2021, starting at 4pm. Register today: https://bit.ly/3oScnj6 #robotics

Future of AI exclusive debate: register now to hear Gur Kimchi, #AI expert and co-founder Amazon Prime Air; Sean Mitchell, #computervision expert and Intel Movidius co-founder; James Marshall, Opteran co-founder and Natural Intelligence expert https://bit.ly/3FLO8uE #Robotics

If you'd like to find out more about @opterantech and Natural Intelligence check out our profile on @RoboticBusiness https://bit.ly/3vnU8Vt #Robots #AI

IPM School of Cognitive Science and the University of Sheffield organise a free online workshop on "Animal Mind: Miniature Copies of Cognition to Implement in Artificial Intelligence", Thursday 14 October, 10-18 for the Persian audiences. #AnimalMind #cognition #AI #Insect

دانشگاه شفیلد با همکاری پژوهشگاه دانشهای بنیادی یک کارگاه آموزشی درباره « ذهن حیوانات: نسخه های مینیاتوری از شناخت برای پیاده سازی در هوش مصنوعی» در تاریخ ۲۲ مهرماه برگزار می کند.
#ذهن_حیوانات #هوش_مصنوعی #علوم_شناختی #حشرات

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Honeybees can solve maths test without using numbers

Research conducted jointly between the University of Sheffield and international collaborators has provided insight into the mathematical cognition of the honeybee. The research found that honeybees could use continuous, non-numerical cues to solve a maths [...]

Opteran closes £2.1m seed round

Brains on Board project spinout Opteran Technologies today announced its £2.1m seed funding round, led by IQ Capital, with participation from Episode 1, Seraphim, and Join. The investment will enable them to further develop and [...]

AAAS UKRI International Reception

Members of the Brains on Board team were invited to present at the UKRI International Reception, as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle. The world's largest [...]

Robot Hackathon for Creativity@Home

Using Creativity@Home funds, the Brains on Board project team spent a day working with the Centre for Facilitation on a robot hackathon, to develop their creative problem-solving skills. Three teams worked to try and develop [...]

Active AI grant funded

Members of the Brains on Board team have been awarded a further £1m from EPSRC to collaborate with Australian experts in invertebrate behaviour. The new grant, Active AI, is led by Prof Andy Philippides for [...]

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+ Sheffield Robotics – University of Sheffield

+ Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics – University of Sussex

+ Department of Biological and Experimental Psychology – Queen Mary University of London

+ Department of Biomedical Sciences – University of Sheffield

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