What if we could design an autonomous flying robot with the navigational and learning abilities of a honeybee?

Such a computationally and energy-efficient autonomous robot would represent a step-change in robotics technology and is precisely what the ‘Brains on Board’ project aims to achieve

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Studentship available at @SussexUni with @neworderofjamie on exciting AI topic. You will study along our http://be.AI scholars (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/ccnr/be_ai).
@CNSorg @INCForg @HumanBrainProj @BrainsOnBoard https://twitter.com/neworderofjamie/status/1472959368165535755

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Excited to be featured on this week’s @BBCClick If you have access to BBC iPlayer our clip starts at 20 minutes 55 secs and features Opteran Green Hornet our aerial #drone platform. You can watch it on BBC World News in US and Latin America 👇 https://bbc.in/3IOPMNz #uavs

By studying honeybee neural recordings, tracking them in the wild and translating their abilities into computational models, @BrainsOnBoard and its spin-out @opterantech aim to develop AI that mimics a honeybee's intelligence e.g. flying robots that respond to their environment.

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Active AI grant funded

Members of the Brains on Board team have been awarded a further ÂŁ1m from EPSRC to collaborate with Australian experts in invertebrate behaviour. The new grant, Active AI, is led by Prof Andy Philippides for [...]

Participation in UKRI review of Artificial Intelligence

Brains on Board project investigators Prof James Marshall, Prof Thomas Nowotny, and Prof Eleni Vasilaki participated in a number of workshops held by UK Research and Innovation, with participation from other research councils and the [...]

Introducing BeeBot V2!

The Brains on Board team in Sheffield Robotics are proud to unveil their new custom research quadcopter, BeeBotV2. Unlike the MiniBeeV1 platform, BeeBotV2 enables on-board brain models, with a modular compute and sensor payload; [...]

Introducing the MiniBee V1!

We have been developing our own quad copters to replicate the senses and flight of honey bees. Minibee is the new smallest member of our quad copter family. With panoramic [...]

Workshop on Insect and Robot Neuroethology

Insect neuroethology: From brains and behaviours to models and robots. The Brains on Board project is delighted to host a one-day workshop on insect neuroethology and computational neuroscience at the University of Sussex. We are enthused [...]

The “Brains on Board” team supports open-access publishing and aims to share and disseminate outcomes to researchers and the public alike

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Research Centres

+ Sheffield Robotics – University of Sheffield

+ Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics – University of Sussex

+ Department of Biological and Experimental Psychology – Queen Mary University of London

+ Department of Biomedical Sciences – University of Sheffield

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