Brains on Board Showcase at the Science Museum

Brains on Board project members showed the results of five years of work yesterday at the Project Showcase, in the Science Museum, London. Project spinout Opteran Technologies unveiled their new autonomous aerial system development platform, and many aspects of the project were shown off, including a live visual navigation robot demonstration from the University of [...]

2022-02-23T09:55:53+00:008th December, 2021|News|

Honeybees can solve maths test without using numbers

Research conducted jointly between the University of Sheffield and international collaborators has provided insight into the mathematical cognition of the honeybee. The research found that honeybees could use continuous, non-numerical cues to solve a maths problem. For additional information, please access the paper that has been published by The Royal Society The publication received both [...]

2021-03-17T22:08:14+00:0016th March, 2021|News|
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