Opteran secures £10m in Seed+ funding

Project spinout Opteran, the brain-biomimicry company, has secured £10m in Seed+ funding to scale up its natural intelligence technology. The funding round, led by Join, included IQ Capital, Episode 1, Seraphim, and newly-established fund Northern Gritstone. The latest round of investment takes Opteran's total private investment up to over £12m, enabling it to continue taking [...]

2022-06-24T10:47:07+01:0024th June, 2022|News|

Brains on Board Showcase at the Science Museum

Brains on Board project members showed the results of five years of work yesterday at the Project Showcase, in the Science Museum, London. Project spinout Opteran Technologies unveiled their new autonomous aerial system development platform, and many aspects of the project were shown off, including a live visual navigation robot demonstration from the University of [...]

2022-02-23T09:55:53+00:008th December, 2021|News|

Honeybees can solve maths test without using numbers

Research conducted jointly between the University of Sheffield and international collaborators has provided insight into the mathematical cognition of the honeybee. The research found that honeybees could use continuous, non-numerical cues to solve a maths problem. For additional information, please access the paper that has been published by The Royal Society The publication received both [...]

2021-03-17T22:08:14+00:0016th March, 2021|News|

Opteran closes £2.1m seed round

Brains on Board project spinout Opteran Technologies today announced its £2.1m seed funding round, led by IQ Capital, with participation from Episode 1, Seraphim, and Join. The investment will enable them to further develop and commercialise their core 'Natural Intelligence' technology stack for autonomous systems, which is based on core IP developed during the Brains [...]

2020-11-24T17:49:57+00:0024th November, 2020|News|

AAAS UKRI International Reception

Members of the Brains on Board team were invited to present at the UKRI International Reception, as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle. The world's largest general science meeting, AAAS 2020 welcomed over 9,000 attendees from over 50 countries, with substantial attendance from members of the [...]

2021-03-17T22:09:41+00:0017th February, 2020|News|

The Honeybee Brain: A model for studying diverse intelligence

The research of project partner Dr Andrew Barron (Macquarie University) is featured today by his funders, the Templeton Foundation, in a new video. The Brains on Board project team, including project lead Prof James Marshall, also feature in this extensive discussion of the benefits of studying the honeybee brain to design [...]

2020-07-01T00:05:38+01:0017th July, 2019|News|

Robot Hackathon for Creativity@Home

Using Creativity@Home funds, the Brains on Board project team spent a day working with the Centre for Facilitation on a robot hackathon, to develop their creative problem-solving skills. Three teams worked to try and develop simple brain-inspired models, then test them out in simulations and on a real robot, all in a day! The teams [...]

2020-07-01T00:03:48+01:0019th June, 2019|News|

Active AI grant funded

Members of the Brains on Board team have been awarded a further £1m from EPSRC to collaborate with Australian experts in invertebrate behaviour. The new grant, Active AI, is led by Prof Andy Philippides for Sussex, and Dr Mike Mangan for Sheffield. Recent advances in AI and notably in deep learning, have proven incredibly successful [...]

2020-07-01T00:07:36+01:0017th June, 2019|News|

Participation in UKRI review of Artificial Intelligence

Brains on Board project investigators Prof James Marshall, Prof Thomas Nowotny, and Prof Eleni Vasilaki participated in a number of workshops held by UK Research and Innovation, with participation from other research councils and the Office for AI, intended to scope out future directions and opportunities for AI research in the UK. Our message? AI [...]

2020-07-01T00:08:25+01:0014th June, 2019|News|

Introducing BeeBot V2!

The Brains on Board team in Sheffield Robotics are proud to unveil their new custom research quadcopter, BeeBotV2. Unlike the MiniBeeV1 platform, BeeBotV2 enables on-board brain models, with a modular compute and sensor payload; this enables us to flexibly alter BeeBotV2's capabilities based on our research needs.Co-designed with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at [...]

2020-07-01T16:27:51+01:0026th November, 2018|News|
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