What if we could design an autonomous flying robot with the navigational and learning abilities of a honeybee?

Such a computationally and energy-efficient autonomous robot would represent a step-change in robotics technology and is precisely what the ‘Brains on Board’ project aims to achieve

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thanks to @Episode1VC for chatting to @DavidRajan about why we think bees have a better way to do #AI better than #DeepLearning https://twitter.com/Episode1VC/status/1440997584668135427

#Bees are really good at minimizing how far they fly to find food. Mathieu Lihoreau trained🐝s to forage from an array of 5🌼s with equal rewards. Once each bee had formed a stable foraging route (trapline), we introduced a single highly rewarding🌼to see how routes might change

Pleasure talking to @Sherryn_G about the limitations of current approaches to AI, and how @opterantech is moving beyond them… https://twitter.com/Sherryn_G/status/1414429146248146946

The awards keep on coming! Very proud to announce we’re among the 2021 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award Honorees by @RoboticBusiness it’s great to see Natural Intelligence recognised for its potential to overcome the problems of #deeplearning https://bit.ly/3gBzETr #robotics #AI

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Ethical Innovation in AI and Robotics

James Marshall and colleagues from the University of Sheffield have contributed to a feature aired by Canadian news broadcaster CBS News on concerns over lethal autonomous weapons systems. [...]

“Brains on Board” EPSRC Programme Grant kicks off

For the first time, researchers from four major UK research centres are coming together with their academic and industrial collaborators in London to talk about how they can create neuromorphic controllers with the capabilities of [...]

EPSRC programme grant

We are delighted to announce the recently awarded £4.8M EPSRC programme grant: “Brains on Board”: Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots! The grant will fuse computational and experimental neuroscience to develop a new class of highly [...]

The “Brains on Board” team supports open-access publishing and aims to share and disseminate outcomes to researchers and the public alike

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Meet the “Brains on Board” Project Team, Advisory Board, and Partners.

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Research Centres

+ Sheffield Robotics – University of Sheffield

+ Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics – University of Sussex

+ Department of Biological and Experimental Psychology – Queen Mary University of London

+ Department of Biomedical Sciences – University of Sheffield

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