The Brains on Board team in Sheffield Robotics are proud to unveil their new custom research quadcopter, BeeBotV2. Unlike the MiniBeeV1 platform, BeeBotV2 enables on-board brain models, with a modular compute and sensor payload; this enables us to flexibly alter BeeBotV2’s capabilities based on our research needs.

Co-designed with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield in consultation with our project partner Malloy Aeronautics, the design brief was stringent; through careful frame design and component selection, the team were able to achieve the target weight of 600g including payload and battery. BeeBotV2 meets this weight target while having flight dynamics comparable to those of the honeybee (under certain scaling assumptions). Even with the addition of onboard computation, the finished product is notably smaller and lighter than its predecessor from the Green Brain project, BeeBotV1!

BeeBotV2 will enable our research into increasingly sophisticated bio-inspired models for embodied artificial intelligence.